Birthday Blog!

On the 31st of August (next week Wednesday) my lil’ blog turns one year old.

Lots of research, time, love and good coffee (and wine) have gone into this here blog. It’s gotten me a job in fashion, allowed me to meet some really creative people, and has been an epic test of commitment and patience. It’s also been lots of fun.

On that note (and because I’m a self-confessed birthday lover) I am doing a little celebratory giveaway with the help of some cool friends. Read on if the prospect of live music, free jools, lovely lashes and punk colour interests you.

Two lucky readers will each win a ticket to my absolute favourite festival of the year, Rocking the Daisies. My love of RTD has been well documented, and this year will mark my fourth consecutive bout of October revelry out in the fields of Darling. See you there!

Each ticket will be accompanied by a set of Incoco nail transfers in rock ‘n roll colours hand picked by moi. Incoco is an absolute revelation in nail colour. Made from nail polish, it is entirely dry, applied in minutes and lasts ages – festival perfection. The colour is super bright, and the dry application process means you get to avoid the pungent odor of nail polish remover, as well as smudges and other unsightly thangs. My personal favourites are the turquoise (Rock Candy) and, of course, the blood red (Passion).

Each RTD ticket winner will also win a set of handmade lovelies by local label, Ruby Ru (also hand-picked by me). I once went to Earth Dance and, in addition to being scorned for having brought a bag big enough for a month long stay (‘Heathrow’s that way!’), I was also sniggered at for hunting in the side pocket of the tent for my selection of rings upon waking. If you ask me, a festival aint a festival if you look like crap. And bright jools always make me feel good. So there you go.

Because I only have two RTD tickets to give away, and because I hate even numbers, there must be a third prize. And because we don’t want anyone getting jealous, I’ve saved my personal favourites for last…

The third prize winner will win this pair of hand-beaded earrings from Merchants on Long. I’ve been coveting them for ages, and even sent a pair all the way to Sydney for my best friend’s birthday recently. The combination of muted and neon beads, with Deco/Ndebele-inspired geometric patterns and the oversized shape is, I think, pretty much genius. They are true Africhic. And they are also for a good cause.

My earrings (I’m calling them mine because I can’t not) will be accompanied by a lash and brow tint and a set of eyelash extensions courtesy of Mooi. Mooi is my favourite local salon (for both hair and beauty), and a lash and brow tint is truly the most underrated of all treatments. If there’s one thing I can’t be parted from, its dark lashes, and I will even pass up my red lips in favour of a pair of glossy lashes. In fact, a lash and brow tint is one of my pre-festival essentials! No one likes to surface from the tent looking like a sad mole (you can quote me on that).


How to enter?

1. Comment on this post and tell me about your favourite festival essential.

2. Retweet or Facebook the link and let me know you’ve done so by using my Twitter handle: @the_pessimiss

Winners drawn at random and announced on Wednesday the 31st of August.

Good luck ❀


39 responses to “Birthday Blog!

  1. Favourite essential mmmmmmmm. I would have to say a really short pair of denim shorts slightly frayed at the ends and worn into the perfect faded colour.

  2. My favorite fest essential is a squeezy bottle tied on a braided string so you never lose your drink. Also gum boots are best for the messyfests.

  3. Favourite festival essentials?
    Where to start, where to start…
    Well an indispensable must-have for ANY festival, even before the obligatory oversized sunnies, a compact-but-cute sling bag and the implied hippie-esque dress-code, is GOOD COMPANY. The staple of any memorable day out.

  4. Eeeek! This is too exciting!
    My essential would definately have to be dry shampoo. I’m a practical girl and the ‘just-got-out-of-tent’ festival hair does not come easily and needs a bit of sprucing.

  5. mmmm, I’d say a broad laced, well elasticized garter for you to secure your hip-flask in, jokes! (but not really). You’ve just got to be practical as well as fashionable whilst chasing festivals these days you know!

  6. Ok, us guys also love festivals, RTD being my favourite! My essential RTD accessory used to be my camera which I lug around everywhere capturing awesome images of the entire fest, but NOW my essential-must-take RTD accessory would have to be my girlfriend, whom I got together with at last year’s RTD! We’re really hoping to go again this year to celebrate our 1 year anniversary πŸ™‚

  7. My festival essential has to be my bikini, it doubles as underwear and you can tan, swim and party with it. But preferably pack one for each day, just wearing one is kind of creepy and gross.
    Second to that I have to go with sunscreen and a hat. No bad hair and no burn πŸ™‚

  8. My festival essential has to be my bikini, it doubles as underwear and you can tan, swim and party with it. But preferably pack one for each day, just wearing one is kind of creepy and gross.
    Second to that I have to go with sunscreen and a hat. No bad hair and no burn πŸ™‚

    I tweeted!

  9. Sunscreen – tanning really quickly is not always a blessing as the dreaded raccoon face happens way too quickly! Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!

  10. sunglasses and vitamins:)

  11. My festival essential has got to be wet wipes! The dust kills and clogs me up – leaving me huffing and puffing (puffy eyes too) sneazing my way out of there! I am totally after the lash extensions prize! Have been wanting to try it out for ages!!! What a lovely birthday blog treat. Happy Birthday Pessimiss!

  12. Definately facial wipes, lucozade and headache tablets!

  13. Wetwipes and sunscreen πŸ™‚ – So I can stay clean and not turn into a red lobster

  14. Ray-Bans, wet wipes and a fully-charged cellphone!

  15. 1. gumboots: good in muddy terrain & in preventing feet from being stomped to a pulp on the dancefloor
    2. sling bag: practical way of having all the essentials on you without having that awkward “where-do-i-put-my-bag” vibe
    3. straw hat:keeps the sun out of your face at day & hides that drunken look on your face at night
    4. facepaint, stickers & bright things
    5. wheelbarrow: essential equipment for transportation of luggage to & from the tent, of passed out friends & RTD alcohol supplies

  16. Happy one year for the blog! Have to say Rocking the Daisies in my favourite music festival! Best music festival essential for a fashionista got to be a pair of Hunter Boots! @jasapple

  17. A blanket of some kind or a warm ‘granny-knitted’ jersey for the chilly early mornings/late nights.

  18. My RTD ‘must have’ list is very long. most important: a ticket of course.

  19. water bottle, good company, wet wipes, fresh juice for the morning

  20. Wetwipes, adcodol and berocca – gotta be done.

  21. jessica joy schipper

    straw hat
    bikini…or 2 or 3
    suncream…doubles as moisturiser
    wet wipes are a must!
    twirling whirling parousel
    various sunglasses
    took a tutu once
    boots – double as handbags, just slide essentials down the sides
    espadrilles for daytime/laketime
    beach mat
    groovy parreo/sarong that doubles as a scarf/headpiece
    re-hyrdrant “orange” sachets. one before bed
    fresh mint, limes, strawberry juice, rum and ginger beer
    october better be springful temperatures

    • I think yours is the deluxe version, Miss Schipper, and I love it! I will most certainly be taking up camp residence alongside your elegant rum concoction. Perhaps we can share parasols and parreos? x

  22. My Chapel Backpack! Duh!

  23. Essential has to be wet wipes, hands down. (excuse the pun)

  24. My festival essentials list is pretty long as I’m not much of a camper, thus try make it as luxurious as camping can be:
    My number one essential is definitely a mini gas cooker – I love making a simple risotto or pasta for dinner or a delish fry up in the morning – without good food i am very grumpy (and this way I can bribe people). To add to this I would definitely need my hand wipes, facial wipes, own glass (to avoid drinking out of a polystyrene cup), batiste dry shampoo, tinted moisturiser with spf and a 5 litre bottle of crackling. Happiest of birthdays to one of my best blogs!! Thanks for sharing all this beautiful-ness with us Kate πŸ™‚

  25. Extra film for my old school underwater camera! The best photos are taken when floating on a lilo in the dam, and there is no fear of someone spilling beer on your camera.

  26. Hats. Daytime hats that are big and floppy and fabulous and nighttime hats with sequins that have walking disco ball potential. Water is also a faithful lover worth a mention.

  27. Number one festival essential: Wet Wipes. No contest.

  28. Although recently I’ve become very good with controlling my packing urges for festivals (it’s hard and unrewarding btw) – I can’t not pack 4 pairs of sunglasses. I don’t know why but I need to refresh my sunglasses each day or I’ll freakin’ die.

  29. Little trick I’ve learnt from a good many years of festivals….grab a leg warmer or funky colored long sock (chop the foot part off) and wear on your arm like a sleeve! Perfect place to keep camera, lip ice, money, phone etc without hving to worry bout a handbag, plus they add extra warmth when it gets nippy at night!

  30. There is an art to waking up at a festival, preening your sleepy-eyed self into some semblance of presentability and exiting your tent armed with the MOST essential of all morning-related things.
    Aside from the many key items listed above I would include my mini camping gas cooker, my silver percolator and one of the 4 bags of Deluxe coffee I managed to acquire at Friday night’s Renegade Bingo! Add to that an Ouma rusk and any Daisified damsel is good to go.
    Happy birthday Miss P. XX

  31. gumboots – definitely gumboots! from splashy fen to RTD to oppikoppi, white mountain, and rock the river… those babies go everywhere with me!

  32. To me, good hair is EVERYTHING. So my list would have to include these hair/head essentials:
    A daytime hat (to keep cool and complete your festival outfit)
    A beanie (for when the sun goes down)
    A headscarf (for messy and possibly unwashed hair, also doubles as a scarf for chilly evenings)
    Happy blog birthdizzle in advance! x

  33. 3 Top Festival Essentials – Boots, Booze and Baby Wipes!

    Congratulations on your blog dude – its super awesome and something to be very proud of:)

  34. My favourite festival essential is a disposable camera, it’s light, it’s cheap (not too sad if you lose it), and it makes very pretty pictures. Ta da!

  35. A single bed mattress. There is nothing better than having a good rest in the few hours that you are able to sleep and it is perfect to drag out of he tent for lounging on during the day.

  36. My absolute essential is a big batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies to make friends with the people camping around us:-)

  37. Good mates, a couple of Red Bulls and chapstick, those are REAL festival essentials. I’ll be celebrating my 25th birthday at the Daisies (hopefully), so maybe see you there!

    Keep up the amazing posts, absolutely adore this blog.

    • See you there indeed – was musing over my tent dilemma earlier on today! A winnebago would not be remiss. Thanks for reading ❀

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