Girl Crush: Binki Shapiro

Usually I’m not that into these waify, Boho types, but there’s something about Binki Shapiro, girlfriend of the irresistible Fab Moretti of The Strokes, multi instrumentalist in indie band, Little Joy, that makes me want to pick up my bass guitar all over again and head for the hills, floral wreath resting on my locks.

Photo by unknown and illustration by I’ve lost my muchness

Shot looking oh so sultry with Fabrizio by Serge Leblon for ELLE.

Shot by Refinery29 at home in New York.

And finally, to sum it all up, Binki photographed by Jeremy Liebman.

Check out Binki’s cool feature on the Madewell site. I love the little video clips, her compass pendant, and the triangle she wears around her neck along with those epic Madewell jeans. I could really do me a pair of those skinny skinnies.


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