Gimme Bling.

Happy birthday to you / Happy birthday to you / Happy birthday dear blogette / Happy birthday to you.

Today The Pessimiss is one year old exactly!

And what do we do on birthdays? We celebrate. I happen to be a self-confessed birthday lover. No it’s-my-party-and-I’ll-cry-if-I-want-to’s for me. No. I celebrate in advance, celebrate post-date, and celebrate on the day. And my favourite gifts always involve some kind of adornment, usually bling, or headpieces, or platforms, or boots.

And so, in this fine tradition, that is what The Pessimiss will get… embellishment, adornment, bling! Last week I sat down with a designer and a developer to brief them on the birthday present. You will soon lay your eyes on my actual vision for this blog – the way I have seen it all along. You may have noticed my content gradually changing over time – still a little sardonic this ‘n that here ‘n there, but a little more serious, a little more visual, and a lot more consistent. The new visage will, in line with this, come with the kind of content that we all want to share – well-researched, inspiring and rare.

I can’t wait!

PS: Why the rollerskates and confetti and stuff? Why not? It’s ma birfday!

Confetti by Confetti System, rollerskates by Moxi


2 responses to “Gimme Bling.

  1. How is this for weird…yesterday (your blog bday here) i was working on a shoot and what comes out of a post bag from NY….CONFETTI SYSTEM TASSLED GARLAND!it was so beautiful and immediately I started telling the crew how my BFF and I are obsessed and this was like meeting a famous person 🙂
    Happy birthday Pessimiss – what a great 1st year it has been!!

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