Red & Pink, Pink & Red

Pink and red is a colour combination that gets people so riled up. It’s similar, in a way, to pairings like black and brown, or even navy and brown – it elicits divided opinion. I happen to love all of those colour combinations, and, in fact, any others that are slightly jarring, too. But pink and red has long been my heart of hearts combination. It makes my heart sing.

This weekend I sat down with my friend Gisela to start working on my blog redesign, and the conversation naturally turned to my preferred colour palette. I’m not giving any hints away just yet, but let’s just say I was so inspired, I went home and put together a little living collage of all of my favorite pink and red thangs.

1. H&M ‘Mary-Lou’ letterman jacket

Extra fuzzy, extra bright, features a scottie on the left breast and makes me feel like I’m wearing a full circle skirt in West Side Story.

2. Staedtler felt tip pens

What’s a homemade birthday card without the full spectrum of Staedtler fine felt tipped pins? I line them up in order and so delight to pair the reds with the pinks. Always have, always will.

3. Mexican death skull candleholder

My favorite thing in the world (as many of you will know – mexican death skull and death skull paraphernalia donors, you know where to find me).

4. Red leather earrings

A gift from my BFF Katy, who spent four months earlier this year traveling the world. She bought these leather floral earrings for me in South America. They are the colour of blood and I love them.

5. Nail polish – Fuchsia Fever by Revlon, Blow Out by Kit, Red Berry by Woolworths

My most outlandish friend, Crystal Birch, took one look at my collection of nail polishes and said that the colours are so ‘weird’. For her to say that is really something, and I was actually pretty surprised. The honest truth is that these are the most ‘normal’ colours I own. The ruby red is my perennial favorite.

6. Pink and red floral bracelet

I can never remember what this stuff is called, but it’s crafted from the same material as those godawful toadstool / dolphin / peace sign pendants we used to wear on thongs around our necks in the 90’s. I’m certain it wasn’t just a Knysna thing. I found this bracelet at Lulu Belle and I think it recontextualises that entire movement!

7. Baz Luhrman heart

A gift from my friend Keegan, who pillaged them from a film set she was working on. I was so touched, and they are now above my bed.

8. Pink babushka brooch from Russia

A gift from a friend that went to St Petersburg on business – a series of painted wooden matryoshkas all in a row. You can’t not love them!

9. Red Blackberry in pink cover

Yep. Even my Blackberry is red in a pink cover. It looks naked and completely unchic without its cover.

10. Piglet pen

His arms and legs move. Why not?

11. Confetti ribbons

The oversized ones are the best, and I can’t get enough of their glossiness.

12. The White Stripes Under Blackpool Lights

A birthday present, and a rocking one at that. Jack White forever.

13. Country Road braided belt

The colour reminds me of plasticine.

14. Red lady tweezers

A gift from my friend Candy, who knows how much I love little trinkets. She thinks it looks like me.

15. Rolling Stones card

I’m a die-hard Stones fan, and I also love really simple graphic illustrations (often Japanese-inspired and in limited colour palettes). The classic Stones motif still does it for me. This was a birthday card from my family this year.

16. Turkish ring

Another favorite. I wear it every day, and people ask about it without fail, both men and women.

17. Vintage bag

This bag broke the first time I used it, and ever since, I have to wear it with caution.

18. Velvet and felt floral hairclip

A gift from my mom, found at Knysna’s only knitting supplies store. I love it.

19. Jewellery box

I love these vibrant, Indian-style jewelry boxes, and have many. They’re crammed with all my jools and other bits and pieces.

20. Milnerton Market geisha

Another favorite. She is oh so delicate, cost R15, and is wearing a hand-sewn kimono made of vintage silk.

21. Floral nail file

Another pretty little thing. Sure, it could be a plain old emery board. But I like the pretty ones.


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