Neo Geisha

In a moment of delerium I bought this delightfully brash geisha-inspired jacket last weekend.

I had seen it at Antiques on Kloof (the little gem of a vintage store just down the road from my house) many a time, and had caressed its intricately origami’d patches, admired its primary-meets-offbeat vibrance…

And then I walked in, as if compelled, and bought it. R150.00 later, it is hanging on a rail in my bedroom, yet another reminder that I have zero willpower when it comes to the outlandish and completely impractical. My reasoning (if I am forced to have some) is that it could be used in some kind of Neo Geisha shoot. And also that no one else should possess it.

What say ye, stylists of the world? I’m looking at you, Miss Desmarais and Miss Birch. Belted over slinky high-waisted broekies with Daph Guinness heels?







3 responses to “Neo Geisha

  1. Too cool for school! I’d pair it with some high-waisted jeans, a plain white or grey tee (possibly cropped if you’re that way inclined)and some white converse high tops. x

    • Or with the lace up Aldo via ASOS espadrille wedges that will be delivered into my hands by a travelling friend later this month!

  2. I am so relieved to know you are keeping this for me! you are so cool!

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