#21stCenturyGirl: Kate Desmarais

I’m super excited to bring you a brand new regular feature, #21stCenturyGirl. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at the lives of us digital girls – the ones with back pain from too much slouching over Blackberrys and MacBooks; the ones that say ‘hash tag’ with dark irony in conversation; the ones that bookmark for gold and for whom nights are just another excuse to get online.

The idea was born in conversation with another digital maven, Kate Desmarais, and in honour of said conversation, I asked Kate to be my very first #21stCenturyGirl.

#21stCenturyGirl is also a tiny hint at what The Pessimiss will soon look like.

Follow Kate on Twitter or Tumblr or check out Wearing the Pants / Itswhatiminto!


4 responses to “#21stCenturyGirl: Kate Desmarais

  1. lovely infographic way of doing the interview! like it 🙂

  2. Byte-sized info made pretty. Very cool.

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