Friends with Benefits.

I am really excited to be working on a shoot for 36Boutiques later this week featuring some of the country’s coolest and brightest young fashion designers. One of them, Vicky Fenner of Joya Collection, produces, amongst other tempting jools, a range of high-end friendship bracelets. Recently I’ve been envying all the armfuls of hippiesque wrap bracelets and braided wristlets that some of my friends wear, but try as I might, I’ll never be a leather wrap person.

I even went so far as to buy what I considered a tasteful and not too Boho version at the Hout Bay market a couple of weeks ago – black leather and braided – no cowrie shells or beading in sight! It is currently languishing on the window sill in my bathroom, and it will probably remain there until it disappears. The ones that all the streetstyle darlings have been stacking up their arms (think Jak & Jil and the like) are (typically) more up my alley.

While Vicky was unveiling her collection of Summer brights, this neon rope and sterling silver friendship bracelet caught my eye. Weirdly enough, I’d been admiring both Proenza Schouler and Lauren Elan‘s takes on the look earlier in the day. It seemed fateful that Vicky had brought them along, and, she reassured me, she’s almost certain I’m the first person in the country to have it in neon. Yeah! Sorry, but there’s nothing quite like being the only one, in many senses of the phrase.


It’s the perfect melange of hippie-ish reference mingled with this season’s neons and a little bit of bling (just so no one makes jokes about my humble Knysna origins).

In my dreams I’d be able to add a Proenza Schouler version to my new little neon – carabiner, climbing rope and all.






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