Mother Clougher

I spent all day yesterday shooting a new segment for 36Magazine at Buchanan Studios, and had the pleasure of hanging out with a bunch of seriously cool and talented girls, including Danielle Clough, Alix-Rose Cowie, Aisha Baker, Barbara Lotter from Babette, Vicky Fenner from Joya, Oriel Barnard from Lisp, stylist Chloe Andrea and makeup artist Toni Greenberg. The segment is called Bright Young Things, and it’s already close to my heart (as well as my chest – watch out for the next issue of 36Magazine, live 17 October for the full, glorious shoot).

Danielle Clough, or Dee, as she is affectionately referred to, is a bleach blonde blur of big eyes, freckles, long legs and mad humour. With limited studio experience, she took to the set with energy, vision and her trademark ability to make things look lush and dewy. She brings edge to everything she does, with a dash of pop culture attitude that appeals to my appetite for nowness. Between talking about starting our own magazine, lip synching to The Spice Girls’ Wannabe and professing a shared admiration for a good work ethic, we realised that we work extremely well together.

The little pair of atmospheric Rah-Rah lips pictured above cemented it for me – Dee created what she calls a personal ‘photicon’ for me in two seconds flat. And then she sashayed gazelle-like onto set in her watermelon frock and killed it for ten hours straight. Watch this girl.

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