Charlotte Linton S/S 12 – in which Ermantrude goes to Java

Charlotte Linton, whose inspired scarves and RTW collections I fawned over here and here, has produced yet another lookbook that has me plotting artful turbans and on the hunt for the perfect, mysterious shade of emerald.

The S/S 2012 collection sees Ermantrude, Linton’s fictional muse, sail to Java to study the threatened Javan Rhinoceros and the birds of the Krakatau islands.

‘Whilst there,’ says Linton, Ermantrude ‘learns of the rich culture of the Sundanese people, researching the Wayang theatre, and the beautiful batik textiles. She also makes notes of her observations of night dwelling mammals, such as the ghostly flying squirrel and the fishing cat.’

The palette of bold, primary colours mixes with flashes of light through trees, verdant greens and ripe limes. Unusually, my magpie eye is drawn to the idiosyncratic monotone scarf – I’m dying to get a closer looks at Ermantrude’s impressions of the Javanese people and the creatures they cohabit with. Charlotte’s narratives give her collections context that transports them straight to the jungles of Java and the peaks of the Himalayas. When they return with Ermantrude from her travels they are imbued with the perfume of foreign lands, hands and custom. Truly special.

Charlotte’s latest collection consists of a mix of wool and silk scarves. The silk is, of course, my ultimate.


4 responses to “Charlotte Linton S/S 12 – in which Ermantrude goes to Java

  1. love every single one of these scarves. sick blog! 🙂

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