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Girl Friday: Alison Mosshart, Little Hurricano

In honour of all that is glorious and Rocking the Daisiesish, I give you rock ‘n roll goddess, Alison Mosshart.

Famous for being one half of indie rock band The Kills, as well as Jack White’s female counterpart in supergroup The Dead Weather, Mosshart is at once feline, fresh-faced and fiendish.

She was the frontwoman of Florida punk band Discount in the 90s, before moving into an apartment below one Jamie Hince. Mosshart would listen to Hince’s guitar-playing late into the night, and one day he saw her band perform at their local pub. A relationship ensued, part best friendship, part romance, part Sid and Nancy (see the video for Last Day of Magic below). And The Kills were born. She’s also collaborated with the likes of Primal Scream, Arctic Monkeys and Brian Molko of Placebo.

Mosshart has previously stated that Hince is her other half, leading to speculation of a catfight between her and Hince’s fiancee, the infallibly cool Kate Moss. If you ask me, Alison trumps the catfight, simply for being real rock ‘n roll. So Moss stripped burlesque-style in a White Stripes video? Jack White CREATED The Dead Weather for Mosshart, whom he once christened ‘Baby Ruthless’ onstage. Alongside Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs) and Dean Fertita (The Raconteurs, QOTSA), Mosshart and White weave a brother/lover tale of lust and bleakness, grim pastorals seething with redheads, railways and beat up boots. Hot!

Mosshart’s style is the perfect visual expression of her art. They fit seamlessly together. Her uniform is a well-worn theatre of tshirts, unusual skinnies, blazers, stripes, solid colour and her ever-faithful boots. All out sex, these boots are. I could wear nothing else.

My friend Lance James Daniels nominated Alison for this week’s Girl Friday and I’m damn jealous I didn’t think of her first.

Thanks Lance, and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

(Lance entitled his email to me ‘Alison Mosshart-Daniels’… after having called me a groupie earlier this week for all my breathy sighs over Jack White and his getup in It Might Get Loud. I rest my case.)

Last Day of Magic:

U R A Fever: