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Dia de los Muertos

Today marks the traditional Mexican celebration, Dia de los Muertos, or ‘Day of the Dead’. The Mexicans believe in honoring the dead and find beauty in the macabre – the ornate Mexican sugar skull is the most well known symbol of the tradition. These bright, flora and heart-festooned totems have become popular symbols of otherness in Western pop culture over time, and are more and more frequently incorporated into everything from textiles, to tattoos, art and fashion. This weekend I actually¬† attended the opening of the Wildfire exhibit at Yours Truly, and fell in love with an engraved wooden skull, one of two, which were the first ones to be marked with red ‘sold’ stickers. My own house has been sharing space with skulls for some time already, and the increasing popularity of the skull motif has done nothing to abate my obsession.

A couple of weeks ago my very own Mexican death skull participated in a Dia de los Muertos shoot for Dossier, and I have the privilege of publishing a sneak preview of it today. Photographed by Antonia Steyn, the shoot was styled and art directed by my dear friend Crystal Birch (with the help of stylist Chloe Andrea), and serves as a visual compendium of local queen of print play Maya Prass‘ work over the last decade. One of Maya’s first interns back in the day, Crystal raided Maya’s Woodstock studio for the purposes of the shoot, and I really think that Maya’s surreal ruffles, neon-on-neon prints and textured boleros give the Dia de los Muertos theme a dose of lusty femininity.

Crystal accessorised each look with insane Ida Elsje jewellery and head pieces (I’m a huge fan – do yourselves a favour and go check out her Church Street studio!), which were recently shown at both the Africa and New York Fashion Weeks. Frida Kahlo-esque braids and matte neon eyes by One League make-up artist Nandi Fourie play up the bewitching symmetry of 16 year old model Katryn Kruger‘s delicate features.

Keep an eye out for the full shoot in Dossier soon – let me just say that Crystal created an epic tiered ball gown of a dress from a mass of Maya Prass ruffled skirts and it is a sight to behold.


Mother Clougher

I spent all day yesterday shooting a new segment for 36Magazine at Buchanan Studios, and had the pleasure of hanging out with a bunch of seriously cool and talented girls, including Danielle Clough, Alix-Rose Cowie, Aisha Baker, Barbara Lotter from Babette, Vicky Fenner from Joya, Oriel Barnard from Lisp, stylist Chloe Andrea and makeup artist Toni Greenberg. The segment is called Bright Young Things, and it’s already close to my heart (as well as my chest – watch out for the next issue of 36Magazine, live 17 October for the full, glorious shoot).

Danielle Clough, or Dee, as she is affectionately referred to, is a bleach blonde blur of big eyes, freckles, long legs and mad humour. With limited studio experience, she took to the set with energy, vision and her trademark ability to make things look lush and dewy. She brings edge to everything she does, with a dash of pop culture attitude that appeals to my appetite for nowness. Between talking about starting our own magazine, lip synching to The Spice Girls’ Wannabe and professing a shared admiration for a good work ethic, we realised that we work extremely well together.

The little pair of atmospheric Rah-Rah lips pictured above cemented it for me – Dee created what she calls a personal ‘photicon’ for me in two seconds flat. And then she sashayed gazelle-like onto set in her watermelon frock and killed it for ten hours straight. Watch this girl.

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