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These bow-tie-bedecked two-tone wingtips by Comme des Garcons have me slouching all over the show, exhaling theatrical sighs and swoons (not kidding, that’s how I roll when it comes to tuxedo-inspired attire, in particular where accessories are concerned).

Someone recently told me I shouldn’t be so concerned with fashion. I had a private Miranda-in-Devil-Wears-Prada moment, as I took in the accusee’s fashion-conscious chambray and straight-cuts. I get so tired of hearing it, honestly. It is possible to be completely fashion befok and still not be a vapid, shallow creature that blinks, glassy-eyed at the mention of more authentic concerns like the environment, world peace and the economy. I’ll Murakami and Greenpop your ass back to self-righteousville, I will.

AND back to my swoon. Those sleek-stepping Comme des Garcons beauties remind me of this video:


Tuesday’s Muse

I returned some library books last night and what was supposed to be a brief browse through the fashion section turned into two hours of gasps, oohing and ahhing. I secured permission from the art librarian with a saccharine smile and took up residence in an aisle, iPod and camera in my lap, and a meter high pile of fashion bibles to my right.

Lanvin, Yamamoto, Westwood, Balenciaga, Chanel, Alaia, Comme des Garcons, Lacroix… page after page of transcendent fashion from 1910 onwards. The Christian Dior tome was by far my favourite; each dress is just so spectacular and striking, it seems unreal that he managed to make so many in his lifetime – each one, a feat of creative vision. I love the high drama of his silhouettes. Many of the dresses exquisite and grand enough to be wedding gowns are simply labeled ‘evening dress’.

These were some of my favourites. Enjoy.

Painful, isn’t it?