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White girls with braids: That’s all.

White girls with braids. White girls with cornrows. White girls with braids, cornrows and beaded embellishments.

This phenomenon has long seduced white girls the world over, particularly when holidaying in

a) Africa


 b) The Caribbean

The fascination seems to stem from the idea that one must ‘do as the locals do’ and really get into the cultural experience. Really though, white girls with braids are a subculture all of their own. Often sighted on Long Street at places like Cape to Cuba or even Joburg / Marvel, it genuinely surprises me that people are still doing this. If possible, I take a sneaky photo when they aren’t looking (when they’ve flung their braids to one side to down a Springbok or gyrate near the DJ box), because surely at some point they will become extinct?

Bo Derek famously pioneered the look in 10, and was never taken seriously again.

And Monica wore them to Barbados in an episode of Friends and was so sucked in by the ‘authenticity’ that no one would come anywhere near her and her crown of cowries.

Heidi Klum wore them (avec cornrows) to her and Seals’ renewal of their vows, which, tellingly, was a White Trash wedding. Seal wore a mullet and Heidi’s locks were the cherry on top of a white lace catsuit. For me, this says it all.

White girls with braids.

It’s a love / hate relationship.