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Marni x H&M 2012



Elin Kling <3 H&M

Swedish fashion blogger Elin Kling is the first blogger ever to collaborate on a line with H&M. With collaborators like Lanvin and Jimmy Choo to rub shoulders with, it’s nothing short of an honour!

A year in the making, Elin’s collection consists of 9 main pieces and 2 accessories, all designed with Mies Van Der Rohe’s famous ‘less is more’ maxim in mind.

The result is a light, minimalist capsule collection with boho undertones (the printed maxi dress is a beauteous example).



boohoo blooms ~ http://www.boohoo.com/

My lovely friend Candy just emailed me about a new online store called boohoo, and I shimmied straight on over to their site to have a look…
{Candy says that she and our other UK-based friendlings have been turning to boohoo for trendy, easy on the pocket frocks and other fixes.}

I was most impressed with boohoo’s easy-to-use site and most of all, their prices. In South Africa we don’t have many options when it comes to low cost fashion (like the H&Ms, American Apparels & Sportsgirls of this world), so its nice to see what’s out there. With rumours of Zara landing here next year, one can fantasize. Mr Price¬†always does a great job of delivering catwalk cool at a low cost, of course, but it’d be nice to have more choice. (Follow Mr P’s great his ‘n hers fashion blog on http://www.inthefashionloop.com/)

boohoo delivers to the US, the UK and Europe, which is nice to know. A less piggy-bank-breaking version of ASOS?

Love the irony of their name! Go check it out: