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Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution.

I haven’t posted one of my musical addictions in a while (do you recall the Steed Lord infatuation?) and, given my current day-to-day busyness settling into my new job at Woolworths House (!!!), I think it’s high time.

This song is Halloween all over for me. I’ve always been partial to a little Cut Copy, but the added kookiness of this track, video and that irresistible pop-slathered bridge have me listening to it on repeat (in my head and on YouTube).

Blink and you’ll miss a revolution, indeed.


Girl Band

I am officially re-obsessed with this song.

A couple of sizzling hot, doe-eyed brunettes, bra-less and clad in a trifecta of suggestively goth/glam Victoriana-meets-Courtney-Love nighties?

If I’m honest all I’ve ever really wanted was to play bass in an all-girl rock band.

I Love Alber Elbaz

My BFF sent me this link to Lanvin’s Fall 2011 promo video. And it’s epic.

Rhythmless, deadpan models in gloriously bouffant party frocks, and an Elbaz cameo at the end? Fashion not taking itself too seriously.



I can’t stop listening to this song or watching this video this week. Besides being 80’s deluxe, I just love marvelling at how re-edgy all the eyewear, denim, bandannas and cropped knitwear has become over the last few years (and continues to be).

But the best part is certainly the frontwoman’s unflinchingly cooler than cool attitude and commitment to her rounded Wayfarers. Epic.

Beat this.

Not possible, but you can try.

Happy Friday! See ya at Tjing-Tjing.


Okay. You may be thinking I am obsessed, but at least I’ll admit it. I thought I’d go watch this video just one last time, and then I thought, what if there are other people that still haven’t watched it?

If you missed my Steed Lord lust the first (or second or third) time round, here it is again.

Epic style. And this morning’s Susie Bubble Reykjavik inspiration, plus this video have got me researching Iceland in a big way.

Tears for Foals

Foals‘ live rendition of Tears for Fears’ classic Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

Soothing sounds for a Tuesday afternoon. Sounds like lying on your back looking at those patterns water reflects onto the ceiling during Summer.

{Thanks Maximus}