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These bow-tie-bedecked two-tone wingtips by Comme des Garcons have me slouching all over the show, exhaling theatrical sighs and swoons (not kidding, that’s how I roll when it comes to tuxedo-inspired attire, in particular where accessories are concerned).

Someone recently told me I shouldn’t be so concerned with fashion. I had a private Miranda-in-Devil-Wears-Prada moment, as I took in the accusee’s fashion-conscious chambray and straight-cuts. I get so tired of hearing it, honestly. It is possible to be completely fashion befok and still not be a vapid, shallow creature that blinks, glassy-eyed at the mention of more authentic concerns like the environment, world peace and the economy. I’ll Murakami and Greenpop your ass back to self-righteousville, I will.

AND back to my swoon. Those sleek-stepping Comme des Garcons beauties remind me of this video:


Old Faithful

In my first week at college they made us do all manner of awkward ‘icebreakers’ and get-to-know-each-other exercises. You know the kind: say your name and three things no one else knows about you, or even more cringeworthy, state your name and accompany it with an action that best illustrates your mood. So 90s.

One such exercise involved us each filling a shoebox with personal articles which would then be handed over to someone else in the group to deduce things about our personalities. This particular exercise actually had me interested – sure, you’re going to put in a couple of wanky things that make you look suitably cultured and interesting, but it really is telling to note the things that people want you to know about them.

The shoebox that I received contained a single, beaten up old trainer – scuffed, with worn down soles and fuzzy laces. What did it say about its owner, Johannes? That he was unpretentious, outdoorsy and not too concerned with fashion. ‘You got everything right,’ said Johannes, ‘but you missed one thing.‘ What was it? The fact that he is extremely loyal. He had been wearing the same pair of shoes for years and had no plans of swapping them for a new pair any time soon. I’ve never forgotten that.

My own old faithfuls, my suede Country Road ankle boots, have reached a similar stage of character building. I have officially worn through the sole of the right one, right down to the ground. The veneer on the heels has been superglued back into place, the buckle straps, I lovingly refurl into place on a regular basis. They’ve been to huge rock concerts, interviews, dinners, on dates and to festivals. I’ve worn them so smooth in the sole that I routinely avoid near-spills in public places. During winter I lusted after a pair of Chelsea boots which were to become their replacement, so I thought. Not the case. Now, just before their official first re-soling, they remain my first choice.

I feel proud to be so invested in my old faithfuls. I still routinely wear a pair of low-heeled leather Crayon wedges that I bought when I was 17, despite friends and family telling me to chuck them on a regular basis. I see a good, solid shoe as something that is hard to come by. When you find them, with a little love, care (and possibly, a sense of humour), they will last you a lifetime.

Allo Love

I’ve been lusting after these ever since I saw them parading down the catwalk during Lisp‘s show at CTFW. They were sold out at Aldo, and, because they were over £50 on ASOS, would’ve been double the price with import tax.

Amen for travelling friends. They will be on my ruby-toed pods come October.

My first espadrille wedge. Who woulda thunk?

Peach Fuzz

Shoes have never really been my thing.

I used to say that they were peripheral to my outfit – that I would prefer if they simply blended in and did their subtle best to not call attention to themselves. This would mean that they would draw attention away from my prance of extraordinary accessories – hats, brooches, scarves, ascots, you name it. When my mom fawned over shoe shop displays I’d give them a cursory glance and head straight for the nearest accessories counter.

My, how things have changed. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that my job now entails a fair amount of desk work, making heel-wearing quite a wondrous and unpunishing reality. Best thing is that I get to admire then on my feet all day, in between cappuccinos, blog reading and emails. And then the mini strut to and from car, or to and from cappuccino haunt: just long enough to turn a few heads, just short enough to remain pleasant. I now spend a lot of time admiring shoes – online, in store windows, on the feet of others. I have a particular penchant for boots with Cuban heels, but anything with a slightly rock edge will also do.

This peachy parade of chunky-heeled beauties is tempting the hell outta me over at the ASOS clearance sale. They are all less than £40 a pair! With rumours of exorbitant customs taxes swirling sly-eyed around the office, I am on the hunt for someone en route to London with space in their luggage for just two little pairs… the tan T-bars and the piglet-pink pair, too.

Pop Art Heart

I love these shoes.

Transparent, neon-tipped, turquoise laced, Crayola-cool Oxford brogues. Too cool! They’re the result of a Spring 2011 collaboration between UK shoe brand Alex & Rose and Ground Zero. They look like they’d make walking fun, and the colours are like a gloriously discordant late 80’s symphony. You could almost picture this bold palette executed on one of those free kiddies’ Spur Secret Tribe wallets we all used to love so much.

I love the fringed pair just as much, and they’re so noteworthy that they even inspired Katie from Paperfashion to immortalise them in glitter, watercolour and ink.



A significant portion of my next paycheck has been pre-reserved for a pair of dangerously pointly, low-heeled black Chelsea boots.

They’ve been beckoning to me for some time now, and I need them so much that I can’t even divulge their exact location. Sorry. But such is the case when it comes to Winter boots. I’m already disenchanted with my Woolworths ones after seeing them on all and sundry. Bratty, I know, but I can’t help it.

These Crockett & Jones classics are pretty much flawless. Crafted to last a lifetime, and truly stylish in their downright simplicity. I first encountered the oldschool glory that is Crockett and Jones when I discovered these lovingly resoled monk shoes a few months back.

Their über functional, no-nonsense website is a testament to their craft – Crockett & Jones is a 5th generation family-run business that prides itself on quality, handmade leather shoes. Each pair takes up to 8 weeks to make and is crafted to stand the test of time. This little bit of research has me feeling really proud of my vintage C & J find, and also wishing I could secure a pair of their classic men’s Chelsea’s to call my own.

Buffed up

Your eyes doth not deceive you.

These chunky, Amazonian creatures are indeed the descendants of those iconic 1990’s giants, the Buffalo platform. The result of a collaboration between Monspoon Saloon and Buffalo, they’re the latest in the towering tumble of platforms to clunk on by.

Thoughts? I spied them on Style Bubble, and I’m almost ashamed to admit they arouse an inkling of Spice World nostalgia in me (sans compulsory Union Jack motif).

Check out the rest of the precarious parade here.