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Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution.

I haven’t posted one of my musical addictions in a while (do you recall the Steed Lord infatuation?) and, given my current day-to-day busyness settling into my new job at Woolworths House (!!!), I think it’s high time.

This song is Halloween all over for me. I’ve always been partial to a little Cut Copy, but the added kookiness of this track, video and that irresistible pop-slathered bridge have me listening to it on repeat (in my head and on YouTube).

Blink and you’ll miss a revolution, indeed.



Okay. You may be thinking I am obsessed, but at least I’ll admit it. I thought I’d go watch this video just one last time, and then I thought, what if there are other people that still haven’t watched it?

If you missed my Steed Lord lust the first (or second or third) time round, here it is again.

Epic style. And this morning’s Susie Bubble Reykjavik inspiration, plus this video have got me researching Iceland in a big way.

Glitter Feed

Lately I’ve been noticing tantalizing little splashes of glitter here and there: sparkle-encrusted heels and glimmering shades at Miu Miu Fall 2011, disco ball Jeffrey Campbell platforms on many of the well-shod, and glitter-gilded eyelids and nails at Jeremy Scott Fall 2011. Reams of glitter-spangled lurex also make an appearance in the video for Steed Lord’s If You Want Me, which, in my opinion, is the next big thing.

Signs like these have led to a sneaking suspicion that the trend will expand to include things other than accessories, and I’m really excited because I’m a lifelong disco devotee. The BeeGees, The Trampps, rollerskates, spangled short-shorts and bangs… It’s something about the underlying groove and the slinky sexiness of the 70’s – Saturday Night Fever John Travolta just does me in. And doesn’t glitter just go hand-in-hand with that era?

Glitter anklets with heels made a comeback a little while ago, and I even saw a really great pink pair with scalloped edges at Woolworths recently. The fact that glitter made a shimmering appearance at Miu Miu (ever the edgy) is most telling. The glitter-panelled mules look like a Confetti System collaboration (whom I wrote about here). And that makes me happy.

I’m also quite partial to Jeffrey Campbell’s fully-encrusted boots, which are like celestial disco darlings, lighting up the darkness on the dance floor. And these blue and red babies are like Red Riding Hood fetish shoes, and they also make me happy. One could only strut.

As far as glitter dusted eyes and lips go, they remind me of edgy, glamorous like Roisin Murphy and Alison Goldfrapp – always a good thing.

My trip to London will hopefully serve to confirm my glitter inkling. In the meantime, let your eyes alight on all these be-glittered glories.

Remember Me

More from my latest obsession, Icelandic iconoclasts, Steed Lord.
This live performance is another example of their visionary styling – a mash up of pop culture influences and a single-minded commitment to the kind of ‘band branding’ that reminds me of oldschool groups like ABBA, and Kiss (hows that for a mash up?!) I think the consideration that goes into their styling is similar to that of someone like Lady Gaga – distinctive, unforgettable, irresistible. And their attitude is similarly unflinching.

Steed Lord!

Watch this. Awaken your eyes. It’s Friday!

And this is Steed Lord. I found this video on The Cool Hunter and I’m just fizzing over with excitement. I must’ve watched it five times already.

Steed Lord are an Icelandic musical performance art group comprised of three primary members – KALI, MEGA & DEMO – and their styling is insane! Siouxsie Sioux’s Hong Kong Garden meets Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette on a street corner in Brooklyn… ghetto gold, geisha cheeks, Ru Paul platforms and haute couture heat. Apparently they co-designed a range for H&M – I’d love to see it.