Yesterday I spent an hour or so browsing at Pax, the stylish space on Buitengracht that is home to all manner of modern day coolness – interesting ways to make the most of space in your home, from wall-mounted magazine racks in the shape of Saturn’s rings, to the world’s most beautiful clothes hangers and a personal favourite, the ‘Hitchcock’ shower curtain.

Amidst paper chandeliers I found the coolest digital watch ever – square-faced, with a black or a white rubber strap, and a set of six interchangeable faces in kaleidoscope colours. Smitten! It will be mine at the end of this month, post payday (Amen!) I haven’t worn a watch in many, many years, but I recently warmed to the idea when a friend left her oversized men’s Armani watch at my house for a couple of weeks. It dangles from the wrist importantly – at once dainty and tomboyish, unusual, but serious… it made me wish it was my own.

More and more, I dally at the Swatch counter in malls, my eyes alight at the sight of the classic black-on-black Swatch, or its gleaming cherry red cousin. All of the colours appeal. I love the idea of a completely rubber or plastic watch, something that looks like it would be at home in a lucky packet or a Christmas cracker. I like the fun fakeness of it – the idea that it would look like a toy or a piece of candy on my arm.

And I have always been drawn to things that are clunky and gold – overly gold, so gold that they almost look fake! An old school gold Casio would suffice, or even some heavier metal, a original Rolex (or perhaps, a Folex).

Or something bracelet-like – jangly, heavy and elegant, but not in the charm bracelet way that was popular in the 90’s.

Jak & Jil has really contributed to my renewed yearning for a timepiece to call my own. Just look at these beauties and the stylish ways they are worn – stacked, incongruous, jangling and weighty.


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