Fifteen of my favourites

I’ve been collecting accessories forever and some of them I absolutely treasure. I won’t lend them to anyone, and when anyone gets that tell tale gleam in their eye I fix them with a killswitch stare:

Don’t. Even. Think About It.

Whittling them down was no mean feat, but here are 15 of my favourite pieces – earrings, rings, bags, pendants, headpieces and scarves.

1. Corduroy & leather tie dye school bag

This is from Woodheads, strangely enough. It is handmade and I got it on sale for R 125.00. I just love the kind of tie dye semi-floral corduroy with the grey leather.

2.Silk vintage Paris scarf

I bought this in Grahamstown while I was at Rhodes and have worn it to death. It’s fraying at the corners, but I still twist it into knots and wear it as a head scarf, around bags and round my neck.

3. Croc handbag – vintage

I got this from my one of my favourite vintage grottos (it is indeed a grotto) in Knysna earlier this year. I love the clasp, even though it proves difficult to get anything more than a lipstick, purse and cellphone in! Smaller bags are taking the place of all the big slouchy creatures that were in fashion last year, which is great, because I am not a big bag fan. I can fit everything I need into my vast selection of mini bags. If it doesn’t fit, it aint comin with.

4. Betty Boop pendant

This little Betty Boop pendant was a gift from my darling mom years ago – she says I look like Betty Boop. Her little body sways from side to side when I move.

5. Sequinned evening bag – Accessorize

I’ve had this since university and I adore it, even if it is seriously bling.

6. Clip-on earrings – vintage

These are ancient earrings that make me feel like a 50’s housewife – I love the organic cluster shape and the enamel on the inside. They make my ears itch.

7. Hepburn bag – vintage

Also from the vintage grotto in Knysna, I have a black one exactly like it that’s more for evening wear – the beads on it are faceted. The cream one has a Hepburnesque feel to it.

8. Heart of hearts ring

This was my 21st birthday present from my parents. They had it custom made for me, based on a ring of my aunt’s that I have always loved. It’s really intricate and I adore it. I love yellow gold and the detail has a nautical feel to it.

9. The Velveteen Rabbit

This is a velvet headpiece thing of my mom’s from the 80’s. The DEEP 80’s. I have a big love affair with velvet, especially if its black or navy.

10. Reversible bag – vintage

Also from the grotto, I only recently discovered that this clutch is entirely reversible – so cool! It’s covered in these strange rivets which are black on one side and white on the other.

11. Tammy earrings

These over-the-top beauties were made by another OTT beauty, Tammy Walker (nee Hoffman), an extremely talented friend of mine. They weigh a ton, but they are irresistible.

* Tammy has her own range called Dollhouse. This is an article that appeared in the Times about her earlier this year:

12. Alchemy necklace

My mom used to wear this when I was growing up. It’s actually a kind of rudimentary perfume holder, which is why I call it the alchemy necklace. The stopper fell into the body of the pendant years ago and now it rattles about.

13. Dainty bag – vintage

A vintage find from somewhere along the way, I love the dusky colour, the chain handle and the floral detail near the clasp.

14. Pilgrim earrings

I bought these at Homework in Plett – they are by a Danish jewellery company called Pilgrim. They weigh so much that I wear them like once a year. I like the way the glass is a kind of new take on the traditional cameo.

15. Sequinned headpiece – vintage

I bought this ages ago at Green Sleeves in Stellenbosch during a wild weekend. It’s actually just a kind of fabric detailing, but I wear it as a headpiece. I have always wanted to sew it onto something but the permanence of it distresses me!

* Thank you Miss Jenna Pallent for taking these photos and for a lovely weekend.


One response to “Fifteen of my favourites

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the reversable bag!

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