Do the rump

I am desperate for a pair of leather or suede shorts.

They would make me feel like Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler in the Aerosmith video for Crazy / Cryin. I would wear them with a band tshirt and bare feet, lolling around in the Mustang with a lollipop in my mouth, stolen sunglasses on my head, and a pinwheel dangling from my hand…

And they’re perfect for Spring. It’s pretty much the only time a girl could get away with wearing leather shorts bare-legged. Wearing them with stockings just isn’t quite the same. They certainly aren’t for everyone, but I would love to covet a pair. I am going to embark on a hunt for a vintage pair when I go to Knysna next weekend.

Katy (my best girl and Sydney correspondent) sent me a picture of these grey suede Topshop beauties she got for her birthday in August. I love the delicate cut out detailing.

This is Katy.

She has such distinctive personal style and we have been emailing pictures of our purchases back and forth since we were 17 and she first left for overseas. All our lives we have often pitched up at the same event in similar outfits, or have bought the exact same things, even with oceans between us. Look out for a style profile on Katy on The Pessimiss soon!

The name of this post was inspired by a song even more sexy than these shorts. It’s by one of my favourite bands, The Black Keys. It’s called Do the Rump & it makes me wanna groove:


2 responses to “Do the rump

  1. The cut-out details on the grey pair are so fab! We’re looking to use this technique on skirt soon. Love your selection too. Leather is so versatile. I’ve done a tailored look leather shorts for eponymous for SS2010.

    • I know, I totally adore them. Very excited to find out about a local option! Leather shorts, skirts and dresses are such a holy grail when it comes to luxeness/edginess. Can’t wait to peruse your collection!

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